Protect Yourself With This Antibacterial Mask Case

Make sure your mask is clean and safe to use in any situation!


The recent pandemic caught us all off guard.

One of the biggest changes in our everyday lives has been wearing masks. These cloth or special material masks protect us and the people around us. They protect us from dangerous viruses and bacteria in the air.

But we often forget that these masks need to be taken care of too in order to protect us properly. If it's a cloth mask, you need to wash it regularly. If it's one of those surgical masks, you should throw the old ones away and use new ones. And no matter the type, they should always be stored properly!

But how should you store them?

People usually put them in different places. Hanging down their chin, on the table, or in their pockets or bags without any protection. While this is definitely the simplest method, it is far from the best and safest.


Leaving them to hang under our chin will make them feel uncomfortable very quickly. Tables are also a bad place to put them because of the vast amount of bacteria that is on them. Just think about how many times you touch your table per day or put something not sterile on it. But that’s still not the worst place to store your clean mask!

Our pockets and bags are rarely clean yet alone sterile. The mask you put in your pocket or bag will accumulate a lot of grime, dust, and bacteria. This wouldn’t be such a big issue if you didn’t need to put that mask on your face! All that bacteria will multiply rapidly when in contact with your damp breath. This can cause serious health issues as you will be inhaling all that directly. So, you should be aware of all of this and try to take care of your mask as much as possible.

So what can I do to prevent my mask from getting dirty?

You need to find someplace to put your masks where it won’t get in direct contact with dust, grime, and bacteria. People are trying to solve this by placing them in Ziploc or paper bags.

While this can work, it doesn’t look good or professional, and cleaning the bags can be a bit of a chore. One of the best solutions we found for this is the Black Kat Antibacterial mask case. Made out of tough plastic with silver ions which reduce bacterial growth on surfaces. The not too big or too small stylish case will be able to fit anywhere you need it to.

Its unique material choice means its light, thin, and portable. It also offers superior protection against grime and bacteria. It’s big enough to fit one big mask or 2 to 3 smaller ones. Which will ensure you always have a clean one available to you.

Black Kat Antibacterial Mask Case also comes in an array of beautiful colors. You can choose between White, Blue, Green, and Pink for your customized case. But if you can’t choose, get one of each! If you buy in bulk the price lowers itself so you will get an even better deal than before!


What makes this mask case so good?

✅ Build quality

Black Kat Antibacterial Mask Case is made out of high-quality plastic and coated with silver ions. This means bacterial growth is reduced severely compared to other solutions. It’s also lightweight and compact, making it the perfect travel accessory!

✅ Colorful and stylish

This case comes in four beautiful colors that complement its design. The small form factor and stylish looks will make sure your case fits in wherever you put it!

✅ Easy to clean and maintain

Like everything, this case can also get dirty over time. Luckily, cleaning is very easy. Open it up, wipe it with a cloth, and spray it with disinfect. Done!


Questions and Answers about Black Kat Antibacterial Mask Case

Q: Why should I use this instead of a Ziploc or paper bag?

Ziplocs do work. But you are unable to clean them properly so most of us just dispose of them. This isn’t really environmentally friendly. Paper bags can rupture and then their protective property is completely mitigated. Also, neither of these look professional. Black Kat Antibacterial Mask Case is a better option all around. It looks better, is easier to carry, and protects your masks as good if not even better then other solutions!

Q: Should I store dirty masks in the case?

While you can, we do not recommend it. This case is supposed to carry your clean mask with you and keep it that way until you use it. If you often store dirty masks in the case you will have to clean it more.

Q: Is there any procedure on how to properly store a mask in the case.

Not really, we made the case as simple as possible. You can spray the mask with alcohol upon storing it and kill any unwanted bacteria. But our silver ion coating already does a good job of suppressing them as is!

Q: Who is this mask for?

Everyone! People use it in their everyday lives! With it, they can store their masks in their bags, cars, or carry them to their workplace or school. The case will keep the masks clean no matter what!


Is it worth it?

It definitely is!

Black Kat Antibacterial Mask Case will ensure any mask you put into it will be as safe as possible for you to use. Feel safe without endangering yourself further by wearing dirty or no mask at all. Its elegant design and small form factor ensure you will be able to carry it anywhere with you, worry-free!

Where Can I Buy One For Myself?

Buying this mask case is very simple and easy.

1) Visit the official website

2) Check if the mask is available

3) Order it and enjoy the peace of mind it will bring to you

It’s That Simple!

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What Others are Saying... (Verified Buyers)

stars Megan S.  Sept, 2020
This case is perfect! It fits into my bag and keeps my mask clean and ready to use! It’s much better than keeping my clean mask in the pocket. I also love the color variety they are offering! Black Kat Antibacterial Mask Case is an awesome product all around.
stars Elena M.  Sept, 2020
This is exactly what we should all use to help protect ourselves! I purchased a case for my daughters and myself. The colors look beautiful and our masks stay protected and clean. Stay safe guys, get a case for your mask!
stars Stephanie B.  Aug, 2020
I love this mask case! It protects my mask from dust, grime, and bacteria. The case itself looks very nice and fits into my bag. I can carry it everywhere with me and keep safe and hygienic. It’s also very easy to clean when it gets dirty!
stars Nicole A.  Aug, 2020
What a great product! I got it for storing clean masks for school for our kids. With it, I don’t have to worry about them wearing dirty and infected masks.