Safety and Style, The Perfect Combo

Taking care of one’s health and safety was never as big a concern for us as it is now. With the global pandemic of coronavirus shutting us all inside our houses, the fear of getting infected is hovering everywhere. Rightfully so, because staying indoors and following the precautionary measures was our only resort and it still very much is. The circumstances all around the world have improved to a certain degree but it is still not over. The virus has not been eradicated as of yet and there is still a potential risk.

We need to be careful during these times. If not more, then try being careful just as much as we were during the starting months of 2020. The lockdowns have been lifted in most parts of the world and lives have resumed with a new normal. The new normal, of course, includes social distancing, wearing a face mask, and sanitizing now and then. Life has not felt the same since what feels like ages and it will not for some time now. But we need to adapt to the new lifestyle changes that are required from us and make the most of what we have.

Style and safety go hand in hand

The global pandemic has been depressing for each one of us, to say the least. But the new normal does not necessarily have to be depressing. Thanks to the modern fashion industry, there has been such pleasant innovation in face masks. As distressing as it seems or feels to don a boring face mask before you step out to run an errand outside, there are now nice and colorful solutions to this problem. Various online businesses have come up with amazing, eye-catching designs and patterns that have altered the feel and look of masks. Much to our pleasure and yours, your style will no more be compromised for your safety.

Masking & Trending

Safety measures are no more boring. Face masks have helped infuse some vibrancy and optimism in the environment around us. The fashion industry is positively making sure that face masks become a fashion statement in our everyday lives. Fashion can be healthy but this one is super healthy for all of us and mandatory too so by all means, join in. Because these face masks are here to stay for a while, designers are making efforts to add a creative and stylish touch to them. Celebrities around the world have also joined hands for campaigns that support face masks. In this way, they have also played a role in making a trend out of face masks. The availability of masks in a variety of colors which are vibrant and cheerful help in normalizing wearing them. It is fun to color match your mask which your outfit and it looks very cool and trendy. This also enables teenagers and children to take care of safety protocols which otherwise can sometimes be a little challenging with them.

Designers have added a lot more glamour to face masks. They are created with beautiful patterns and designs which make them very appealing to wear. Floral, tropical, abstract, they come in different sorts of prints. Some designs also have beautiful embroidery on them. Moreover, they can also be custom made according to your wish and demands. People around the world can even get face masks made that match their wedding attires and there is a multitude of such pictures on the internet now. Others are seen wearing masks that match their bikinis. Let us have a look at some of these masks to see why they have become so popular.

Tulips On Your Face

This beautiful face mask has a very pretty floral print on it with its purple tulips and green leaves. It instantly gives a very fresh and tropical vibe which is exactly what you have been missing while staying indoors. It is made up of 100% pure cotton and is available with and without a filter. The mask has a slim design that would compliment most profiles. It has a really nice and snug nose fit with adjustable earloops as well. It is very comfortable to wear all day and has long-lasting vibrant colors. It definitely seems like the perfect mask to cheer you up and brighten the feel of a mundane day.

Rosy Feels

This one is an extremely pretty face mask with an exquisite floral pattern on it. It has colorful roses printed against a black background that would compliment and go with your outfit regardless of its color. The mask has an artisan hand cut. The 100% pure cotton quality guarantees comfort all day long. The vibrant colors are also long-lasting and the fit is promising. It comes with adjustable earloops so that the fitting can be managed for different profiles.

Lacy loveliness

This is a very light and sweet looking face mask with a ‘five-petal flowers’ lace. It is available in white color too which has a certain graceful charm to it and also makes it ideal for wearing on dresses of different colors. For people who would prefer the mask in a color, there is a variety of other colors available too like beige and lavender. The mask has a nice fit and comes with adjustable ear loops. Moreover, 100% pure cotton material also ensures comfort and calm skin every time you wear it.

Plaided goodness

Plaids never go out of style. To match your several outfits that have a plaid or plain pattern on them, now you have the perfect go-to face mask as well. Style and safety were never coupled so well before. The quality is great and they fit perfectly. Did we tell you how comfortable it feels wearing this plaid wonder because of the 100% pure cotton material? Well, now you know!

It is important to note that your face masks need to be cleaned and washed with a selection of UV sterilizers for them to last. If you need to buy a few masks, head over to our store and get your hands on a few right away.

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