Face Masks, The Ultimate Quarantine Fashion

Face masks are here to stay for a while and we all must own some. Quarantine life can really get on the nerves sometimes and that is when we all can use some positivity. There is no denying that coronavirus has brought a lot of stress and sadness in our daily lives but even then, life has to go on. Errands are to be run, chores are to be taken care of and work is to be resumed. While making sure that one follows the SOPs, life is slowly adjusting to a new normal. To help ourselves, we need to infuse some color and optimism in the environment around us. masks are here to serve that purpose!

Face masks, the new fashion statement

Where the healthcare sector is making face masks compulsory for safety purposes, the fashion industry is making sure they become a fashion statement during these times. Fashion can be healthy but this one is super healthy so by all means, join in. Hats and sunglasses became fashion accessories later but they were first used for heat protection. These face masks are expected to do the same. With the numerous on-going campaigns around the pandemic, celebrities have also contributed to making these face masks a trend. Because they are going to be a part of our lives for a good length of time, people are looking for ways to make them a part of their outfits.

Face masks come in all colors and sizes

Fashion thrives on altering necessities with a creative touch. The fashion industry did not take long innovating on this way of life. They have come up with different types of masks. Face masks are now being manufactured in different colors and styles. The availability of masks in multiple colors, vibrant and cheery, helps in lifting the spirit of people and makes it easier to normalize wearing them. It is fun to color match a mask with your outfit so it looks cool and trendy. This also helps in enabling teenagers and children to wear them.

Custom-made face masks with prints and embroidery

The trend of face masks is not just limited to pretty colors. Designers are adding a lot more glamour to face masks. They come with pretty patterns that add a positive touch to the mask, like floral, tropical, abstract, and other kinds of prints and even some with delicate lacework. They are also being custom made with beautiful embroidered designs on them. Pictures are circulating on the internet with brides and grooms enjoying their wedding photoshoots wearing such masks. Some are even seen to be wearing masks matching their outfits to virtual weddings that they are attending too. What more? A new term for a new style of bikini-trikini- has been introduced which includes a bikini with a matching face mask. Such people have truly learned the art of handling stress and adjusting positively in difficult times. If the world learns to continue living their life happily while following these SOPs then that is all kinds of awesome.

Being fashionable while being safe

Over the past months, face masks have surprisingly become an accessory that people don’t just use out of fear but also for style and with happiness. Truth be told, that is all kinds of great. There is no harm in being fashionable while being safe and since the pandemic is not going away anytime soon, it’s a lasting investment too. These inviting designs are convincing enough for people to follow necessary protocols so it’s a win-win.

People have to come to terms with this new lifestyle that is going to be the new normal for some time. If there is anything that helps in relieving your mental stress attached to this event, go for it. One should actually appreciate the artists for turning something as depressing as a face mask into such a pretty little thing that it has become a fashion accessory now. If you’re thinking of browsing some for yourself, go over to and check out their pretty designs. You’ll definitely find some very lovely ones. Happy masking, guys!

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