Are Cloth Face Masks Effective During the Pandemic?

It has been more than half a year since the deadly pandemic of COVID-19 hit the entire world. People have observed various phases of the virus’s rise and fall and the number of affectees has reached millions. In some parts of the world, the disease has somewhat been controlled as well. This has happened as a result of strictly abiding by the preventive measures given by the CDC and WHO. These instructions majorly include limiting outdoor trips, social distancing, regular hand washing, and wearing face masks among others.

However, things are not so simple. Due to some confusion in the initial stages of the virus, some people are still confused about the efficiency of different types of masks that are available in the market. People are especially more skeptical when it comes to using cloth face masks. Cloth face masks are effective and Science backs it up now so no room for any more skepticism. There are a few reasons why you should definitely go for cloth face masks. If you are still not sure about its effectiveness, you need to read further.

Evidence for the effectiveness of face cloth masks

The COVID-19 virus spreads through respiratory droplets that come from the mouth of an infected person. These virus-carrying droplets travel through the air and transmit the virus to other people or objects. Talking to people or being around people who might be asymptomatic carriers of the virus and who are not careful enough to be wearing face masks can result in the spreading of the virus. Touching an object/s which may have been contaminated by the respiratory droplets of an infected person can lead to a chain of other victims. This is where your cloth face masks come for protection.

The basic function of the cloth face mask is to source control. The main job of these masks is to act as barriers on the faces of the infected people. The respiratory droplets are expelled into the air when the patient, symptomatic or asymptomatic, coughs, sneezes laughs, or even speaks if he/she is not wearing a mask. When your face and nose are covered by a cloth mask, the cloth absorbs those droplets from being expelled out into the environment. These masks most importantly work to control the spread from the infected to non-infected people but everyone is supposed to wear it. One reason for that is that you might be carrying the virus while being unaware of it. The second reason is that the mask protects from viruses potentially present in the around you too.

Thoughtful manufacturing of masks

Face masks serve an important function today and a lot of thought is put into its manufacturing. They are made while keeping the science behind the prevention in mind. These cloth face masks come with 3 layers. Apart from the embroidered or printed layer of the mask, there is another layer made up of 100% cotton. Other than these, there is a very important layer with a filter pocket in it. The filters are separately available to be purchased. Moreover, the masks are produced with a snug nose fit so that they sit well on the face without needing to touch it over and over in order to adjust. For the same reason, there are adjustable ear loops attached to the masks too. You can easily fit the mask according to your face size using these loops.

Breathable quality of fabrics

Cloth face masks are made out of quality fabrics that feel comfortable to wear on the skin. Even if your skin falls in the sensitive type category, it will not be irritated by these masks due to good quality fabric which is used in its production. They are breathable and feel light too. Sometimes wearing face masks leads to a feeling of suffocation especially for people with some health issues. The kind of fabric used in these masks ensures free passage of air so that normal breathing is not obstructed.

Adjusting to a life that requires SOPs to be followed every day is not going to be easy. Especially if you are someone who is stressed out about the pandemic but still need to go out for important errands or chores. Make your life a bit easier and get your hands on some amazing cloth face masks by goblackkat to ensure your safety and your family’s too. The fancy variety that these masks come in also helps in cheering you up and lifting your spirit. One of the best things about these face masks is that you can buy yourself a couple of them in multiple colors and then match them with your outfit to create a fashion statement too. Trust us, this does help during the depressive phases of life nowadays. Leave your distress at home and get ready to make the most of the new normal

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